The Services We Provide

Disinfection & Sanitization Service

Following the COVID – 19 prevention guidance set by the Health Authorities, people are intensely washing, dusting and disinfecting homes and offices, with the knowledge that lives may depend on it. We offer a full range of disinfection and sanitization services for all your needs. Be it home, appliances, offices, electronics, parking lots, parks, etc. We ensure the premium disinfection and sanitization with the most efficient products and effective results. Our team are fully equipped with the recommended respiratory masks, gloves and other protective items and disinfecting products for anti-coronavirus cleaning.

Education Sector Cleaning Service

At One Click Cleaning Services we understand that a clean, well-maintained, ordered environment supports learning. A cleaning and maintenance schedule in a learning institution has to be flexible, consistent and thorough, creating a safe, healthy environment. We are proactive in bringing this to your attention and wherever possible, addressing the issue as quickly as possible. Because students and staff spend long hours in certain locations, we apply deep cleaning methods to select areas to support a healthy physical environment throughout the school. One Click Cleaning services offer Schools & Nurseries the best quality service where top cleaning standards are applicable using environmental friendly and child friendly products approved by HACCAP.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

We try to save your time and money, leaving everybody happy. Whether you are moving out of a rental property and want to get your deposit back or want to prepare your new home for your family to move into, we are here to help. We believe in the importance of leaving or moving into a space that is as clean as possible. Our comprehensive move-in and move-out cleanings include all of the necessary cleaning tasks plus deep cleaning inside the oven, refrigerator, cabinets, drawers, closets, and cleaning blinds, and baseboards.

Carpet Cleaning

Beds, Carpets & Sofas can be the ideal home for Dirt, Dust, and Bugs. Spare yourself the trouble of worrying about what’s lurking underneath and maintain a healthy home environment by Booking a Carpet, Sofa, Bed or Mattress Clean with One Click Cleaning Service. Whether you’re Looking to get your Upholstery Shampooed or Steamed. We have a Team of highly trained Cleaners for carpet cleaning to completely sanitize your home using only the latest UK Equipment and eco-friendly solutions.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning is just one of many services that we specialize in. Whether it is for an individual office or the building of a corporation, we use a variety of cleaning methods and chemicals to offer the highest standard of professional cleanliness. The work we offer can vary from maintaining a clean working environment by cleaning floors, desks and kitchenettes to providing a Deep Cleaning service where every surface of the office is scrubbed, washed and polished.

Residential Cleaning

We ensure professional residential cleaning experience with best-suited cleaning procedures to meet a rigorous set of industry standards. The usage of high-tech equipment and the latest premium quality products along with trained experts to perform the cleaning of your residence helps us to ensure the best quality cleaning services. We at One Click Cleaning are here to make Your Life Easier, whether it’s a Deep Cleaning Service or a Part Time House Maid to Clean your Home – We are just one click away.

Handy-Man Home Service

One Click Cleaning Service is your reliable source for all maintenance requirements. We are determined to maintain our outstanding reputation for quality workmanship and professional services. Our Handy-Man team are highly qualified and regularly trained to attain customer satisfaction every time. We provide you with cost-effective services wherever and whenever you need them in order to cater to your needs or emergencies.

Handy-Man services include:

  • Handymen: Our professional team provides all types of emergency home and infrastructure repairing solutions crafted accurately as per your needs.
  • Electricians: Our licensed Heroes can provide all needed electrical services
  • Plumbers: All installing, repairing, inspecting, or cleaning requirements can be done by our highly experienced plumbers
  • Carpenters: We offer expert carpentry services for custom requirements or immediate fixing with outstanding results
Our handy-Man come to your doorstep for a pre-scheduled appointment at your convenience in order to carry out a thorough inspection and assessment. Our team will then carry out all requirements and expedite the work process until completed to the highest standards. Our maintenance team is happy to assist with your smallest fixtures to your largest projects.  


Understanding your child’s needs and attending to them is a wonderful and challenging task that requires patience and time. At One Click Services we provide a helping hand that has the skills and expertise for your child to grow in a loving and attentive environment. All our babysitters are trained nannies with pediatric first aid license that offer personalized support to suit the individual parent and child’s needs. We develop an engaging, healthy and fun filled routine for your child dedicating a time for physical activity and rest to meet your child’s needs. Babysitting services are available day or night, any day of the week at your home or hotel or we can accompany you on family outings to allow you space to relax; knowing your children are in good hands.